Upholsterers do upholstery work on new or used furniture as well as upholstery and related repairs to the interiors of cars or other vehicles. Upholstering is a certified trade.

As an upholsterer, you could work in a furniture or upholstery workshop, often in collaboration with carpenters and designers.

Main tasks

• appraising the appearance and characteristics of the furniture in consultation with the client
• preparing drawings in consultation with a designer and/or client
• fixing lattices in furniture
• upholstering with feathers, natural materials and/or synthetics
• tailoring, sewing and dressing furniture
• repairing, cleaning and dyeing leather furniture

Competence requirements

Upholsterers need to be creative and imaginative and be able to work manually with drawing and repairing furniture. Work takes place with materials such as wool, cotton and leather and various tools such as needles, scissors, hammers, sewing machines and more specialized electrical and pneumatic tools.


Upholstery is offered at Tækniskólinn, divided into five semesters of theoretical studies and 30 weeks of internship.

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