Interest survey

It is a good idea to consider your own areas of interest when making decisions about studies and jobs. This survey is a simplified version of Bendill IV, which is primarily intended for adults in the labour market.

No idea?

Work and interest go well together. Salaries vary and talents can be cultivated, but interest often decides whether people feel good at work or not.

Interest inventories map areas of interest and the idea is that people tend to be happier when the work environment fits their interests.

The results of interest inventories divide interest in work into six main categories, showing how they are connected and how one appeals to a person more than another.


The results do not reflect abilities or skills, only the jobs that seem to fit your answers best. It is sensible to consider other jobs in the same category as well.

Don’t worry about unexpected results. The survey is intended for reflection, not to reveal the one final truth about your interest in your studies or work.

Areas of interest


People preoccupied with achieving certain goals. Want to work with others but are most interested in managing and influencing, even taking risks and competing with others. Often people working in business, politics or management.


Most interested in human relations; to help, guide or teach others. Cooperation, shared responsibility and flexibility in communication are important at work. An emphasis on resolving issues through dialogue. 


People who enjoy working with their hands and using tools and equipment. Enjoy physical work connected to the outdoors, often in a somewhat adventurous environment.


Most interested in jobs connected to creativity and expression. More preoccupied with emotions, new ideas and creativity than with reasoning. Enjoy working independently and taking unconventional paths.


Good organization, specific tasks and sensible, practical solutions. Often reliable people who like to keep things in order and work under the direction of others or where clear plans are followed. 


Enjoy solving problems by scientific methods, calculation and research. Enjoy independence at work and jobs that require concentration. Interests are varied, new ideas and experiences are well received.

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