Security guard

Security guards perform preventive surveillance locally as well as mobile surveillance or surveillance from a control center. The job involves watching over people and valuables to prevent theft, water damage, fire, accidents and vandalism.

Security guards work in companies, in connection with people’s homes and in surveillance in open or closed areas. Security guards also work in shopping malls, for example, also dealing with problems that arise there, such as shoplifting.

Main tasks
  • security and surveillance of human movements or equipment
  • respond to alerts from emergency buttons and security systems
  • handling the transfer of valuables
  • monitoring security and housekeeping systems
  • key stewardship, opening and closure of buildings
  • receiving service requests and information services
Competence requirements

Security guards usually need to have a clean criminal record as well as knowledge of English, Icelandic and computers. Various courses are available for security guards, often associated with individual workplaces and companies.


The Education and Training Service Centre has published a curriculum for security guards that can be evaluated to shorten secondary education. Further information is offered by lifelong learning centers.

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